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Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture, sometimes known as Cosmetic Acupuncture is an anti-ageing, non-surgical face lift & skin revitalising treatment.

It has been in use in China for over a thousand years since the Song Dynasty when the Empress and the Emporor's concubines received facial treatment to enhance their natural beauty.

With Facial Enhancement Acupuncture you will find that wrinkles are diminished, your face is lifted and laughter lines around the eyes are reduced.  Your treatment will also help your body, mind and spirit in a way that will strengthen your total wellbeing.  

As the treatment is totally natural and is working with the body’s energy, you will feel revitalised all over and your general sense of well being will be improved - this is a fantastic alternative to medical and chemical treatments. 

You will notice that lines on the face start to fade as treatment progresses and there is also a new firmness about the skin, which can be particularly evident in the jaw line, ''jowls' and the sides of the cheeks. The whole face receives treatment at every session, but also specific areas can be targeted to focus on your requirements.  

This protocol will not give the dramatic results that are achieved by medical procedures, such as a face lift, and you should not expect those kind of results.  A more subtle and refined improvement should be anticipated, safely and at a fraction of the cost of surgery and other treatments.  Areas we might wish to focus on during treatment may include:

How soon will I see results? 

We're all individuals and therefore react to treatment in totally different ways, it's always advisable to embark on a 'course' of treatment to maximise the effects of Facial Enhancement Acupuncture. However, improvements can be evident after the first treatment and many patients have reported significant enhancements in skin tone and quality after only three or four visits.  Patients can also undergo cosmetic acupuncture treatments as and when they feel they require them and they will notice a gradual improvement to their skin tone and condition as the treatments progress.  These treatments can be carried out on a weekly basis or even a couple of times a week for more rapid results.


The initial appointment and treatment can take up to two hours as a full medical history is taken and a specific treatment plan is tailored for you. This treatment plan may involve the use of other acupuncture points to help address any conditions that have become evident during the consultation. Thereafter, treatments will generally last about 75 Minutes. The initial appointment is vital, even if you only plan to have one or two treatments, this way a complete history can be compiled and can be updated after subsequent visits. 

Any visits to the clinic or discussions with the practitioner are always treated in the strictest confidence.





Louise Redknapp tried FE as part of C4's "How Not To Get Old" series. She has already booked her next treatments. She said,
"It doesn't hurt, you can just feel some sort of action going on!" After the session she said. "I really enjoyed facial acupuncture, it relaxed me so much. The next day when I was on the school run I had quite a few mums saying how much they liked my skin, that it looked fresh and glowing."